Services We Provide
Public Relations
Getting good publicity for your services or products is the most valuable form of marketing. It’s like getting a
third-party endorsement from a respected publication, broadcast or online media. Customers and
prospects value what they read. And they value personal interactions, so our PR services also focus on
getting our clients in front of influential audiences.

Our PR services are designed and directed by former journalists, who have the newsroom experience that
is essential to knowing what sort of PR campaigns will succeed. We craft messages that will appeal to our
clients’ specific markets, then we select from among the tens of thousands of media outlets those that will
best appreciate particular stories. Our PR services include:
  • Strategic planning and competitive analysis
  • Message research and development
  • Vertical media programs targeting profitable segments
  • Writing news releases, pitches, articles, speeches, blogs and websites
  • Researching appropriate media lists
  • Media relations and spokesperson training
  • Business development, networking and presentation coaching
  • Writing and developing blogs, websites and social media programs
  • Events, seminars and conferences planing and promotion
  • Speakers placement at key conferences and associations
  • Writing and design of online and print newsletters and custom media
  • Community and crisis communications projects
  • Brand development and product/service positioning
  • Media tours and editorial board events
  • Webcasts, podcasts and video logs
  • Product publicity and integration with ad campaigns
  • Brochure and advertising creative services
  • Direct-mail campaigns supporting PR programs
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Media kit creation for website and print use
  • Writing op-ed pieces, letters-to-the-editor and comments
  • Media monitoring and measurement programs

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Graphic Design
We are a marketing and design agency that goes beyond branding to identify prospects in your most
profitable vertical markets and crafts effective messages that appeal to them. Our goal is to help you make
sales by creating print and online materials that show how your products and services benefit specific
market segments. We know the best messages are those that help you bond with your customers.
Brochures we create focus on industry-specific issues and show how your products and services solve
problems. Direct mail campaigns we design target your best market segments with appropriate
messages and graphics. Ads we craft are designed to produce an immediate marketplace reaction.
Graphic design services include:
  • Advertising creative
  • Annual reports, newsletters, magazines and publications
  • Branding and logo design
  • Brochures (print and electronic)
  • Direct-mail materials
  • Trade-show booth, posters and signs
  • Websites and online tools

Online Marketing - Websites, ebrochures and Online Strategy
Your online presence is the most significant marketing tool you have. Almost no one does business with a
firm without first visiting its website. A well-crafted site accelerates the buying process by giving  
prospective clients and customers much of the information they need to shortlist your firm as a preferred
provider. Useful content –- both copy and images –- is essential in helping you get to the next step in the
marketing process. We can:
  • Reassess your site's relevancy
  • Freshen the graphics and copy to be more compelling
  • Drive people to your site by optimization, cross-marketing and promotions
  • Integrate your web strategy with your entire marketing and business development program

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Newsletters and Publications
Newsletters can be a multi-purpose marketing tool, producing impressive direct marketing, PR, ad, co-
promotional and point of experience results. Whether printed and mailed as sales leads-generators or
emailed to customers, newsletters can tell the story of your products and services persuasively and
effectively. They are also an excellent method of keeping in touch with your customers, if you send them out
on a regular basis.

Graphically rich newsletters can visually convey the benefits and features of your products or services.
Customer features can show how firms gain value from using specific services or products. And you can
bond with your customers by providing them with valuable industry updates that show you understand the
issues they face. Our newsletter publishing services include:
  • Researching and writing articles
  • Graphically designing the newsletter
  • Developing targeted direct-mail lists
  • Newsletter printing
  • Direct-mail management and distribution
  • Setting up email newsletter distribution

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Direct Marketing
Going directly to your customers and prospects is the most measurable and cost-effective form of
marketing. Whether you’re mailing directly, meeting directly or emailing directly, you are making tangible
contact and getting a reaction that can be highly quantified.

Sending your messages via direct mail is still the most effective means of generating leads. Email is the
best means of staying in contact with existing customers who have agreed to receive your online
communications. And there is no richer experience than meeting face-to-face with prospective and existing
customers at conferences, trade shows and various other events. We can develop and execute all forms of
direct marketing. Our direct marketing services include:
  • Research and planning
  • List brokerage
  • Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Printing services and distribution
  • Results analysis

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Advertising has the greatest impact when your investment, messages and targeting tactics are focused
and integrated within your larger marketing strategy. We believe that in business-to-business marketing,
advertising must be informative and persuasive. Cleverness for its own sake can be counterproductive.
And we believe that advertising must be part of an overall media strategy that works closely with public
relations, direct marketing, meetings, sales promotion and online activities. Advertising creative should
demonstrate product and service benefits.

We further believe advertising works best when vertical-marketing strategies produce messages that are
unique to specific markets. As a result, we tend to recommend ad investments that focus on segmented
trade print and online publications. We believe that ads must contain tracking messages that allow
precise ROI measurements, and we tend to discourage “image” ads. And lastly, we are absolutely certain
that advertising must produce a marketplace reaction — the sooner, the better. Our advertising services
  • Research and placement
  • Creative services
  • Results analysis

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Creating Speeches That Motivate
We transform boring speeches into enlivening ones by:
  • Researching memorable facts and insights
  • Crafting speeches that fit your personality
  • Writing speeches that get publicity far beyond your audience

Marketing Planning and Research
Conducting research is absolutely essential before you can plan your marketing campaign. You have to
understand your customers' needs and your competitive environment before you can make an effective
product or service offering. We can help you gather vital intelligence by polling and surveying your market
and by carefully analyzing your competition. Often the results you obtain will give you a critical marketing
edge and will suggest new product or service opportunities.

Marketing Conferences
There is no better way to communicate with your key audiences than addressing them directly. Whether
conducting seminars, participating in panel discussions, addressing conferences, staffing a trade-show
booth or networking informally, your presence can be one of your most potent marketing tools. We can
help your organization or company plan, develop and promote conferences and seminars that raise your
marketing performance to a higher level. Quite often, what you have to sell requires a considerable amount
of interaction with your prospective customers. In that case, you need to conduct face-to-face, telecom or
online conferences. Our services include:
  • Seminar and conference planning
  • Conference marketing
  • Staffing conferences and seminars
  • Publicity for conference announcements and news
Public Relations (media relations and events)
Graphic Design (print and online brochures, sales materials, trade-show displays, logos)
Advertising (print and online)
Marketing planning and research
Direct mail (creative, project management, printing and distribution)
Online campaigns (email, web site, blogs, web site optimization)
Coaching and training (executive/professional coaching and group training)
Speech writing (research, writing and coaching)
Conferences and seminars (development, promotion and staffing)
Political Communications