Tight budgets mean your marketing investment must be more cost effective. And nothing gets
more bang for the buck than publicity. It is more persuasive than any other form of marketing. In
our program, we empower you to get your own great PR...withough costly agency fees.

Eason Communications' principals teach you how to get publicity in publications that
your customers’ buying decisions
. Then we show you how to use cost-effective public
relations strategies and tactics to strengthen your own organization's marketing and sales
programs. Prospects respond much better to articles than to ads or brochures because articles
have greater credibility.
Henry Eason
Ellen  Eason
Learn to Use PR to Drive Sales
Our Training Programs Show You How to Generate Publicity
Other PR/Marketing Training Offerings

Private Coaching Sessions - Individual One-On-One Sessions
for Executives and Professionals:
  • $150 per hour
  • Two hours of meeting time
  • Phone meetings thereafter
  • Customized PR training and counsel programs also available, suited to your  own
       or those of your organization
Networking for Business
  • Develop a large and effective business development network
  • Use events, associations and conferences to network for
  • Learn tactics for interpersonal networking  at events
  • Refine and improve your personal brand
  • Develop speaking skills for audience addresses or panel
  • Blend networking and PR skills to boost your personal image
    $500 for two one-hour programs
  • Programs taught via conference call and PowerPoint©            
  • Follow-up coaching available
Higher Impact Advertising
  • $750 for up to 5 people
  • Three conference-call PowerPoint©-
         guided sessions
  • Research the best ad bargains
  • Develop creative that works
  • Tailor messages to markets
  • Identify great copywriting
  • Learn to negotiate with ad reps
  • Better measure ads' results
  • Integrate ads with other marketing tools
Becoming Media Savvy
(A Day-Long Program at Your Office)
At-Your-Desk Program (3 hours)
What a difference a day will make in your own career and in your organization's external
communications performance. Beginning at 9:30 a.m. and ending by 4 p.m., we will train
up to six of your organization's leaders and spokespeople during highly interactive
sessions focused on improving each individual's media relations skills. The program will
be conducted in the convenience of your own office.
Fee: $2,500.

Learn to:
•  Get reporters and editors to respond to your story.
•  Handle press interviews confidently and effectively.
•  Develop lasting relationships with the media.
•  Use your positive publicity to boost marketing impact.
•  Write better news releases.
•  Develop better media lists.
It’s convenient. You and your staff* can enjoy our three one-hour training programs at your
own desks during PowerPoint-guided conference calls.
Fee: $750.

Part 1    Benefits and Strategies of Using PR to Sell
2    PR Tactics that Help You Gain Publicity
Part 3    Discussion of How Your Company Can Best Use PR
Bonus: 57-page "How to Get Valuable PR Workbook" (PR templates and tutorials)
If you have questions, please call
415.242.5244 or email
Ellen Eason