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Eason Communications: Depth and Breadth
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What do you really expect from a PR agency? After all the buzz-laden verbiage that’s
thrown at you during an agency’s pitch, what do you really need to know about the people
you’re hiring to help you achieve market dominance? In a word:

Is your agency an overnight sensation riding the latest tech wave or does it have an
enduring history of producing content that will help you penetrate lucrative vertical
markets? After all the flash and dash, customers buy content…content that’s applicable to
their unique needs. We are all about content. And we have the experience to provide
depth. We have been there and done that, endured economic ups and downs since 1989.

The fundamental marketing lesson we have learned is that better content improves
performance…whether through traditional or social media. Vertically pitched content is
what editors want. It’s what customers need: content that appeals to their specific market
niches. One of our strengths is knowledge of many vertical markets…technology markets
as well global logistics providers, government agencies, financial firms, hospitality
operators and building contractors. We are fluent in many vertical-market languages. We
have served these markets and understand how to develop content that will appeal to their
unique applications.

And we know that, ultimately, it’s the people behind the products and services that matter—
especially in business-to-business marketing communications. So we provide training
and coaching to help executives and professionals better communicate their firms’ values
and benefits to audiences and the media.

So give us a call to discuss how we can improve your content…and your marketing

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